war paint


United States Navy
E6 Petty Officer First Class
U.S.S. Portland, U.S.S. Kearsarge
14 years

I got a surface warfare designation pin on my left arm. I was a crewman on the USS Portland which is a LSD amphibious assault ship and on July 10th 2003 I qualified for Surface Warfare designation. They promote you with this pin -- it's a decoration you get to put on your uniform and it signifies that you know all of the warfare aspects of your ship.

You have to do many hours of qualifications studying and go through oral and site boards and you have to show your commanding officer and the officers appointed over that you know every aspect of warfare technology on your ship.

Once you get all your qualifications signed off and turn in your paperwork they put you through an oral board and ask you questions and if you pass they designate you surface warfare warrior with this pin.