war paint


United States Navy
E7, Quartermaster Chief
Riverine Group One
 22 Years

I got this about five years ago. The anchor symbolizes the rank of chief petty officer. The helm represents the rating or the job that I do for the Navy which is navigation.

I'd always wanted a tatto. And recently, I'd been in for probably 18 years, when we'd go overseas, everybody's getting tattos, so I'd go along, into the tattoo parlors in the Med, or wherever, trying to work that courage up and it never happened. I'm the kind of guy who's scared to death of needles. And then Joey [Nobody] moved in across the street and I think he kind of talked me into it -- it made it kind of simpler.

I went with three other guys from the Navy that I knew and I was the only one that actually got a tattoo that day, although all the other guys had tattoos already.