war paint


John Zurich
U.S. Army
1st Battalion, 40th Artillery

I got this tattoo about 10 years after I got home from Vietnam. I just designed it, and had it made and had the guy rip it up when he was done. The camouflage is Vietnam only camouflage because it was the green jungle stuff, the eyes were Agent Orange, at the time it looked really sharp, but all that color's gone now. The skull was Death. I had people say "let it go! you got to let it go! you gotta forget about Vietnam." that's why I put "Forget Never, Vietnam, '66- '67" over top of it, because I don't ever want to forget it, it's a big part of my life. so that's why i had it

I got it done in Trevose Pennsylvania. I got this other one done when I was 19, my it's artillery tattoo -- crossed cannons --, that was right in Fort Sill Oklahoma. I was 19 -- and at that time in Oklahoma you couldn't get a tattoo, so we had to go to Texas. So four of us got in a car, drove down and got tattoos and drove back.

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