war paint


Tom Murtha
United States Navy,
United States Marine Corps

I had these put on here purpousfully -- of the units that i served in. I served in Korea as a Fleet Marine Force combat corpsman with fox company 2nd Batallion 7th marines, who happen to be the most decorated outfit in Korea. My duties were of course to take care of wounded. I got out in '54, saw the handwriting on the wall, went back in in '60, went through Parris Island then I went to Vietnam as a Marine.

On my left arm, is the unit that I served with, 3rd Recon, the lower one I have as a reminder that we went as strangers and came back as brothers because I think the war united all the veterans. the lower one on the right is in  remembrance of all the POW MIA's the upper arm is designating my position in Korea as a combat corpsman, there's a canusis there the battle field cross is a remembrance to those who didn't come back.


[continued and close ups]