war paint


Frank Shannon
United States Navy
Machinist Mate
USS Piedmont

I joined the Navy out of boredom. It was that age -- I thought It looks like I need some direction in life. And it did help. It still helps. It showed me discipline and a way of going about and doing things with your life. You have to think about what you're going to be doing, you just can't wander aimlessly all over the place.

I was signed up to the US Navy at 17, with my parents permission. Right out of boot camp on my first military leave I wanted to get a tattoo, but they wouldn't let me -- I was under age. A year later in Yokosuka  Japan I got this tattoo of a woman. I just thought it was a really neat looking tattoo at the time and a lot of guys were getting this on their legs and I thought I really want to get this and display it. So I put it on my arm. It was a very popular tattoo. I don't remember the exact day -- It's been over 40 years. I remember going into town, they got bars and the tattoo shops and the shops for shopping and I thought Well, let's see what they got.

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