war paint


United States Navy, Special Operations, E5

This is a memorial piece for all the fallen warrior SEALs. The top part is from Revelations -- it's how they described the Beast, calling out the Seven Seals. On the bottom of my arm is a Spartan warrior with the tomb with a fallen SEAL in there. On the other side is Poseidon, because he's the god of the ocean. In the Vietnam days they called the SEALS "The Devil With The Green Face" because we come from below, from the ocean. That's to honor all the UDT (Underwater Demolition Team) SEALS. It's why the whole ocean scene is in play here, and the Spartan warrior, and up here there's a mermaid with a ship out back there on top of the rocks.

I got it to honor my fallen brothers, never forgotten. We don't like to be identified (by our tattoos) so this was something I could do without people knowing exactly what it is, unless I explained it to them.

[close up]