The PLUG's 10 Commandments of Leica Photography

Moses came back from a PLUG meeting in 1999 carrying two stone tablets. We reproduce them here:

1) Thy children are ugly. Do not make us look upon them.

2) Thou shalt not have a photograph entitled "Pop-Pop" in your Leica portfolio.

We know Scooter loves his grandfather, we'd just rather not have to look at it.

3) Thou shalt not photograph thy dog, nor thy cat, nor thy ass.

(Some dispensation may be got for photographing thy neighbor's ass, we'd have to see it first though.)

4) Photographing in exotic locals does not makeith thou a great photographer.

It makith thou a tourist.

5) Thou shalt not photograph buildings.

6) Thou shalt not photograph statues.

Who do you think you are? Robert Maplethorp?

7) Thou shalt not photograph homeless people.

Leave them alone or buy them food. This pleasith the Lord.

8) Thou shalt not photograph people from behind and call it "street photography".

This makith thou a coward.

9) Thou shalt not own stupid Leica gadgets.

This includes a "leica tabletop tripod", a "visioflex", a "NOOKY", a "SOOMP" or anything else that makes your Leica work with all the speed and ease of a 4x5.

10) Thou shalt not brag about the sharpness of thy lens, nor the number of Summicron's thou hast acquired, nor the freshness of thy rear-cap, nor the dinglessness of thy bottom plate.